My review of the Online Dog Training Videos

My review of the Online Dog Training Videos


Overview: Excellent Product, Exceptional Value for money:

300 x 250

This product The Online Dog Training videos website is a first class

product. The content is excellent compared to other sites, which have far

fewer videos and the actual training information in the videos is


Since the site has been around since 2009 some of the

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videos are not High Definition however these are all being replaced with

HD ones. This is a very live site with new footage being added regularly.

Here is my review of the key features inside this site.

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The endorsement of The Online Dog Trainer website by the national

SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of New Zealand

is worthy of a mention. The home page of the SPCA of New Zealand

even has a link to this site promoting it to new dog owners and people

who have adopted a new puppy.

Every topic covered with over 250 videos

Compared to almost all other sites on the internet The Online Dog

Trainer has significantly more content. Certainly at this cost. An average

video produced by a dog trainer of this standard is usually around $35

for an hours footage. Inside the online dog trainer there is approximately

20 hours of footage. This means that everything you could want is all

included in the price. As mentioned earlier some of the footage is not

High Definition however the quality of the advice is excellent which I

believe is far more important.

Videos of real consultations

A very enjoyable aspect of this site is the use of video footage from

Doggy Dan’s live consultations. In comparison to many other sites

where the training videos only show command work and theory and

show very little actual footage of serious behavioral issues The Online

Dog Trainer is very different. Many of the dogs that are filmed are

clearly not easy to manage and are in serious need of help.

Video is the answer

The question of whether a dog-training e-book can compare to video is

something that has often been raised. The answer in my opinion is that

it cannot. Watching an experienced dog trainer gently explaining why a

dog is so stressed and then watching the dog change is something that

words can’t explain.

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What I also like about these videos is that they are not edited excessively so

that you can actually see the consultation unfolding and how the results were

reached. This includes all the body language of both the dog and the trainer.

This is something that you simply cannot pick up from reading words on a screen.

Gentle method and techniques

There are many dog training styles currently used by trainers and they

vary greatly. The method used by Doggy Dan inside The Online Dog

Trainer appears to be very calm and gentle however it is also very

effective. Several dog training websites on the market methods are at

either still using very old style aggressive techniques that are trying to

scare dogs into behaving. Others focus too much on treats and reward

to the degree that nothing works unless you have a pocket full of


Doggy Dan’s understanding of how to become the pack leader

sets up things so that any training does not require fear or aggression

and very little cheese.

Puppy Training

Inside the video website Doggy Dan has videos the raising of his 8

week old puppy Moses. This is a quite remarkable project of an SPCA

Border Collie X Labrador that allows you to watch young dogs

development into an amazing dog. Moses is now fast approaching 1

year old and new videos of his development are being added all the


Compared to other dog training sites this is about as good as it

gets. All the command training, and solving of every puppy problem is

also included. Full marks for this section.

The Forum

I am especially impressed with the Forum where Doggy Dan is still

answering all the questions personally. The difference between

somebody who has actually trained thousands of dogs and an assistant

is significant. It is clear from the answers in the forum that Dan takes

real care to ensure that dogs and owners are given the best experience

and advice every time.

Audio Files

Audio files are included in this site in strategic places. These audios

complement the videos very well. After all not everything needs to be

watched, in fact I found it a refreshing change to site and listen to a 45

minute audio about becoming the pack leader having already watched a

video. The audios are optional since the core lessons are delivered in

punchy and clear videos. They are a valuable bonus for those people

who really want to get the maximum out of the course.


I have always been very suspicious of testimonials that can be altered,

edited, and created by anyone. Without a time stamp it is also very

likely that most of them were created at once many years ago. With

many of the dog training products being sold currently this appears to

be the way.

The Online Dog Trainer is very different. Using 3rd party

software, end users post their comments and testimonials straight onto

the site so that nobody except the person posting can edit them. The

testimonials that you read are often only days old and are written by real

people who love the site. These are in many ways the real reviews!

They are written by people like you, completely independent, who are

currently using the site. Their testimonials and results speak for



Doggy Dan

Few dog-training sites have such a charismatic person with so much

experience as The Online Dog Trainer. His energy and clear love of the

dogs come across in all the videos, which really makes a difference.

Watching a trainer whom the dogs clearly bond with and whom they

respect is testimony to Doggy Dan’s gentle and effective approach.

Unlike many dog trainers who focus on using treats and fear based

techniques to get the dogs respond, this method seems to concentrates

on first understanding the dogs and winning their dog training videos


Dog Behavioral issues

Throughout the site Doggy Dan encourages puppy and dog owners to

treat the cause of the problems rather than just the symptoms. This

approach resolves the underlying issues and prevents further problems

occurring later on. To achieve this, owners are guided through a section

called “Become the pack leader” using Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules.

Once this has been established user are encouraged to visit any section

and watch the appropriate training for their dog’s particular issue. This

approach seems to be far more logical than many other ones which

often feel more like trial and error. A clear explanation in the videos of

why the issue exists and then why the training will solve the problem

leaves you with a real understanding and sense of hope!

Here’s a list of some of just some of the videos that address specific

dog problems:

  • Dog Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Aggression Towards Animals
  • Aggression Towards Objects
  • Barking On The Walk
  • Barking For Attention
  • Barking Around The Property
  • Barking In The Car
  • Barking When Left
  • Barking At The Door
  • Dogs Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Jumping Up
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Pulling On The Leash
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Obsessions

Exceptional $1 Trial

The Online Dog Trainer entire website including 250 videos, audios and

notes can be accessed currently for a $1 trial that last for 3 days. This is

an exceptional offer and really leaves the question what more could you

want. If after the 3 day trial you chose to cancel you are billed only the


Effectively this is a try before you buy feature. A very generous offer

indeed and something that very few other sites offer.

What It Costs

Once you’ve decided to stay on after the 3-day trial, you pay $37 per

month. I feel that the $37 a month is worth every cent as you really are

getting a great solution. Some products may be a few dollars less

however many of them will only leave you feeling more lost and

confused. Many other dog-training products are good at helping you

train some commands but they will not help you get those unwanted

behaviors under control as they are only treating the symptoms. With

The Online Dog Trainer you get to truly understand your dog which

solves virtually any dog behavioral problems.

I have also done a little research and discovered that a good dog trainer

completing a house visit will costs in the region of average $300. And

that only covers a few hours. With The Online Dog Training videos, you get

Doggy Dan with his proven method that works ,in your home whenever

you need him.

Money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose… The Online Dog Training videos offers a 60-day

money back guarantee providing complete confidence in your purchase.


Final Thoughts

This incredible resource is endorsed by a national SPCA, has over 250

videos, with Doggy Dan himself in the forum. Add Project Moses from 8

weeks old, the complete section on becoming the pack leader, a no fear

or aggression method used, and every behavioral issue covered off,

and you have a one-stop, complete dog training solution that’s available

24/7, on your computer or any mobile device.

My opinion is that is the best product and the best value dog training on

the market and I fully recommend it.

Take advantage of the $1 Trial for 3 Days here:

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